BumbleBee Movie

The first 10-15 minutes of this movie were great. Seeing all the old school transformers on screen, looking like they fell out of 1984 was fantastic. After that, it went straight downhill. I am not talking, coasting down a slight incline; I mean down a roller-coaster hill. What a hot mess this movie was. Every scene is so easy to predict and badly written that there was nothing you didn’t see coming. I like Hailee Steinfeld but she really didn’t have much to work with on this one. Every aspect of her story was some kind of Easter egg you just know is going to be “important” at some point. From her lazy back story to her awkward “romance” with the neighbor kid, it was just bad writing all the way around. I will have to give the director on this one some credit thought. The Transforms themselves look great. Much better than the Michael Bay freak machines he pumped out. If you could mix this guy’s love for the franchise with a really good writer, you would have one heck of a movie. I personally would like to see a Transformer movie about “Transformers” and not the human tag along they threw into the movies.  Call me crazy but it is called Transformers for a reason. Anyway, If you are going to watch it, watch the first 15 and then skip to the last fight scene at the end you’ll get the best of it without having to sit through the ugly middle.

6 Underground

Like a lot of people, I was off work on 1/1/2020 and this allowed me some much-needed time to catch up on some shows and watch one movie. That movie was 6 Underground on Netflix. It is a Netflix original and though it was never in the theaters, it should have been. While many critics slammed this movie, I completely disagree. I thought the movie was really good. It is a typical Michael Bay action flick but that’s not a bad thing. It was action packed and some of the best action scenes I have ever seen. The movie opens with a chase scene that rivals anything I’ve seen in the Fast and Furious franchise. The same for the fighting scenes, they were top-notch. The movie was also extremely funny. Ryan Reynolds showed up in his natural form and it worked perfectly for this film. I enjoy watching this guy on screen any chance I get. He reminds me a lot of Bruce Willis in that he is incredibly funny but able to turn on a dime and be a tough guy that can hold his own with just about anyone. The rest of the cast was pretty good as well. Most of them I don’t recognize from other movies or show, but they didn’t come across as rookie actors at all. Each of them brought something different to the screen. Unfortunately, the female characters came across a little flat a few times but I believe that has more to do with the state of female characters in Hollywood and less with the actresses playing the parts. When you try to turn the women into men, you end up with female characters who have very little depth and development. With that said, this movie wasn’t weighed down with a lot of wokeness and in fact, I don’t recall being overly aggravated by anything. The storyline is a little different and I suspect that is why so more of the “critics” didn’t like it. I found it refreshing to not have the same stale story telling. We get little pieces of each characters’ back story in the form of flashbacks. Flashbacks are nothing new but they are done a little different in this movie. It really reminded me of a TV series. You got just enough about each one to keep you interested and wanting more. Over all I would give the move an easy 4.5 out of 5 and I am looking forward to a sequel. Let’s hope it does well enough to prompt Netflix to follow it up with one.

That’s my take on 6 Underground, what did you think?

Lost in Space: Season 2

Over my short Christmas break I got a chance to watch the second season of Lost in Space. Much like the first season, it was generally pretty good. The writing was a little lack luster on some of the episodes but overall not bad. I like the characters in this show and think they spend an equal amount of time building them and giving them all heroic actions. While this does become tiresome at times becomes in some episodes, the dangerous life altering scenes run right into each other and you don’t get a break from it. That’s great when you are making a two-hour movie but, in a series, you have to space this stuff out. There is no tension or belief of real danger is every second on the screen is life ending danger that doesn’t result in lives ending. The major downside to this show is the purposely added female agenda. It’s subtle but it’s there in abundance. To be fair, I think the writers are trying to be balanced but their version of balance is having a couple of good male characters and a lot of “strong female” characters. Will Robinson is the only male character that gets a real fair treatment in this show. The father is done well about 75% of the time though he does play second fiddle to the mother most of the time. The other male characters are either weak “soy-boys” or mean villain type characters. Over all though the show is watchable and if you ignore the subtle woke stuff, it’s not a bad show. Its action packed and the story movies along with each episode building on the last. You grow to care about the characters as you watch and the actors have great chemistry. Over all the show is worth watching, though I wish they would drop the agenda and just stick with good story telling. Give it a watch and see what you think.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I can’t tell you how much I loved the first Kingman movie. It was like watching James Bond learn how to be a spy. I thought everything about it was done well. I wish I could say the same about this one. The second outing for our young hero is anything but amazing. Sure, it’s watchable, and it even has some really good parts in it but it’s not over all good. I did like Harry’s return, and I thought the explanation was believable for a sci-fi movie. Killing him in the first one was not the smartest thing to do in the first place so I felt like they were trying to right that wrong. The problem was that they then go on to repeat that same mistake with this one, by killing off everyone else. They also added in a way to many agents for this film. What makes the Kingsman so great if there are people just like them in another country? I’ll tell you…nothing. It total ruins the plot of the first film in that Eggsy and team are the only people on earth good enough to stop the bad guys. The bady in this one is also nothing more than a waste. Give drug addict a sickness that will kill them and expecting the world governments to give in to your demands, does not sound like a way to win to me. The whole things just seemed like a rushed, unthought out sequel that really should have had more thought and development put into it. Over all it’s worth a watch for the action but don’t expect to get the thrill you got from the first one.

The Expanse Season 4

Seasons 1-3 were good, but I have to say that each one was a little less good than the one before it. By Season 4 they have reached a point where it is becoming too blotted. There are just too many story lines and to be honest some of them are just boring and obvious political statements. I don’t care about the election of the new UNN head. It had no bearing on the story other than to supply another role for “Female Empowerment”, as if there wasn’t enough of that already. It’s a good show with a good cast but if they don’t stop with the boring side stories and the political statements, they will ruin it. There were already a few episodes in the last two seasons that were just hard to watch and I fear that season 5 will be worse. They need to stop making all the leaders women. Stop making all the “smart people” women. Women make up a small fraction of engineers and mechanics in real life, but in this show they are about 80% of them. I wonder sometimes if Hollywood writers just don’t get that they overdue everything. They get a JSW thought in their head and they just keep going and going until it is so over done that it makes shows and movies unwatchable. With The Expanse every new character seems to be a woman, unless it’s a villain, all those are men of course. This show would be so much better if they would just stop worrying about the gender of the character and just write good characters.

With all that said, I still like this show. The four main character and very likable and work great together. Their story lines and screen time make the show worth watching. After season 3 I was hoping Bobby would stay with them, her and Amos would have made a great due of brute force again the crew’s enemies. That didn’t happen, but Bobby is still around, so it could at some point. Jim is very human and fallible, which gives him depth and likability. Not ever choose he makes is going to be the right one, but he is always quick to see when he screwed up and owns it. Naomie, who started this series as a kind of loud mouth blowhard has developed well and has become a great XO for the ship. Alex, who had up to season 3 seemed flawless, showed that he is not, and it makes you like him a little less, but in a good way, if that make sense. Amos shined this season, and he is no longer Naomie’s lapdog. His loyalty is now 100% his captain’s and you learn so much about who he is and why he is the perfect man for his job. It’s even made him more likable. In the end I have grown to like some other characters more and some of them less and it gave me a new balance and enjoyment of the show. To be honest, it’s that simple fact he helps me see past the silly JSW stuff they shoe horn in. All in all, if you are riding the fence on whether to watch season 4 or to even start watching the series I would tell you yes, watch it. I would also tell you to just hold your nose through the PC stuff and enjoy the main cast.