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Message from Russ on 3-30-2020


Since my Dad died it's been almost impossible to dedicate any time for the strip. I had hoped to get some new strips up soon but now Covic-19 has created a temporary obstacle to accomplishing that. I work for a company that produces hospital beds amongst all other hospital equipment, for hospitals all over the world. We have been put on overtime until further notice which leaves me zero time for anything over just taking care of my mom, and my immediate family.

I am not done with it since it is part of me, but I am pausing that dream for a while until Covid-19 is somewhat passed and work at our facility slows a bit. I have appreciated your readership and encouragement of the strip. Thank you so much for that.

Hopefully, this Covid-19 panic passes and bed orders go back to normal and the situation with my Mom changes for the better. Then I can get back to a somewhat fluid schedule for producing my strip. Lord willing I shall return!

Lord bless you and yours in your venture!

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